Race Day Sherpa triatlon coaching
triathlon coaching services


Ironman, Half-Ironman, Olympic & Sprint Distance Races

  1. In depth review of nutrition needs for  IM races.

  2. What you need to know about race logistics - travel, bike transport, hotels, etc.

  3. How to pack for your trip if it’s a long distance destination race.

  4. How to prepare your race day bags (swim to bike, bike to run,  special needs bike and run and dry goods bags).

  5. Planning your race day strategy - overview of what can happen on race day – the what ifs.

  6. Coordinate tire changing  and mechanical clinics for athletes as needed.

  7. Pre-race day tips – nutrition/hydration and rest.

  8. Tips for transition set up and planning for point-to-point races.

  9. Specific swim instruction for triathlon – how to seed yourself , etc.

  10. How to assess your changing hydration and nutrition needs during the race.

  11. Assist athletes with dealing with family/friends and spectators while racing.

  12. How to enjoy your day and get the most out of your experience.

  13. The finish, recovery, celebration etc.

Basic Packages

One athlete coaching session – 1 hour long $50

Two athletes coaching session – 1 hour long $80

One athlete coaching session – 2 hrs long $80

Two athletes coaching session – 2 hour long $150

Additional Services

Assist with packing prior to departure – 1 hour $50

Assist with packing prior to departure and assist  athlete with gathering race day needs, e.g. shopping for swim/bike/run items - $100 = 2 hrs


In Person Experience at race upon request.

Transition and special needs bags

What do I put in all these bags?

Ironman Arizona swim start

How do I seed myself for the swim start?

Ironman Canada transition area

How do I get all my stuff after the race?

Ironman California bike course

How do I stay motivated if my race is going bad?