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The Sherpa’s Success Stories

Whitney Handy - Ironman St. George 2010

Age Group Winner & Kona Qualifier

I want to give a HUGE shout out and thank you times a million to Elaine for coming out and being the best sherpa for Liz and I.  Elaine drove the whole way to Vegas and without her, Liz and I would have been literally clueless. It was so nice to have someone there to coach us and to help ease our fears before the race.  Hearing, “you’ll be fine!” and “you’re ready” is nice, but Elaine gave us some REAL advice, and didn’t sugarcoat anything.  Her bluntness was greatly appreciated on the course, because if I just believed “you’ll be fine” I would have been QUITE pissed during the race when I really wasn’t “fine.” Elaine told us that parts of the race are going to be hard and that we would have to dig deep but to stick with it. Aside from her great advice and help packing all of our special needs bags, driving, answering 48,758,957 questions, she also provided Liz and I much needed entertainment.

Jeanie  Huebner - Ironman Coeur d’Alene 2010

First Time Ironman Finisher

I just completed my first Ironman on June 27, 2010.  I stuck to my training plan for one year, and I felt fit and ready to go before the race.  As race day got closer, however, I began to think that I really didn't understand the logistics of such a huge event on race day, and I needed someone with experience to talk to.  Elaine Gower (Race Day Sherpa) is a very experienced Ironman, having completed eight Ironman races herself.  Meeting with her made a lot of my uneasiness and race anxiety disappear.  When I went to race check-in at the Ironman, I felt confident because I knew what all those bags were for, especially the special needs bags, and I knew what I was going to put in them.  Also on race day, when you are nervous and scared of the unknown, I didn't have to worry about race procedures because I was informed about what was going to happen and what to do.  Don't rely on the volunteers at the Ironman race check-in to help you prepare for your Ironman.  The volunteers are wonderful, but you  really need specifics about what to do to prepare for your Ironman.  Therefore, I highly recommend using Race Day Sherpa!  She helped me make my first Ironman a success!  Thanks Elaine!