Race Day Sherpa triathlon coaching

You have a multisport training program, maybe even a coach, but there is much more you can do to help reach your race day goals.  Preparing for an endurance multisport event is a road best traveled with the Race Day Sherpa - now a USAT Certified Level 1 Triathlon Coach.

The Sherpa’s Mission

To get each athlete to the start line feeling confident and prepared to take on whatever the day brings.  To instill good habits in each athlete so he/she has the confidence to go out and have the best race and finish strong.


Ask the Sherpa

Race Day Sherpa’s goal is to make sure that each athlete is well prepared for their race, whether it be help with nutrition, injuries, training, travel, race day strategy,  etc.  I will take the “What do I do?” out of your vocabulary and make sure you know what to do.   In addition to pre-race preparation, the Sherpa also offers additional services for those who really want a “RACE DAY SHERPA” experience in person.

Contact the Sherpa

Elaine Gower

E-mail: elaine@racedaysherpa.com

Tel: 619-800-3281

Fax: 619-342-8521

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